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Font Configuration

This option allows you to add font for tag html, class or ID. You can use google font, font windows, font squirrel

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Theme Configuration

This is theme option for your template

1. Theme: With this option, you can select theme for your template. If you do not select “default”, It will be “default”

2. Favicon image: You can replace favicon for your template

3. Google Analytics ID(s): Google Analytics is a free tool of Google. It helps users know how to visitors come( accessing source), what language and device they use. Especially, Website owners can know content that their visitor see on their site

You can access this page to see Google Analytics:

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Layout Builder

This layout option can help you configure layout in your template

1. Layout: You can select layout for your template

2. Enable Layout Builder: You choose Yes to use Layout Builder (like Image 4)

3. Hide Component Layout : When this mod is enabled, The component will be disappeared

4. Layout: This part, We guide you in the next part

5. Maximal page width: You can set “Max Width” for page

6. Maximal page width Unit: You can choose Px or Percent style

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Mega Menu

1. Dropdown Trigger: With Dropdown Menu, you can choose Click or Hover style to drop menu down

2. Off-Canvas Navigation: On small screen, this option allows you to use or not use Off-Canvas Navigation

3. Always show submenu: This option allows you to use Submenu or not

4. Navigation Type: With this option, you can choose menu for template, they are Joomla module or megamenu

Joomla module: This is default Joomla menu system

Megamenu: A new feature supported in Plazart Framework (a missing feature in Joomla). It helps you get menu in menu item

5. Animation: With this option, you can select effect for Megamenu’s dropmenu

6. Duration: Time of efficiency for drop megamenu down( by mili seconds)

7. Access: The access level group that is allowed to view this item.

8. Megamenu Configuration: With this option, you choose Megamenu to configure for menu item

With item configure, you will be able to:

- Using submenu or not

- Using group menu or not

- Set theme class for menu

- Setting width for menu

- Using module menu

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Advanced settings

1. Enable Development Mode: If you use less instead of css, this option will be activated you can compile less to css

2. Optimize CSS: When you enable this option, compress CSS files will be used (.min.css files)

3. Zoom mobile: This option will allow you to zoom or not

4. CSS override: You can enable additional CSS file with override rules - override.css

5. Use prefixfree: Allows you to use CSS3 code without prefixes. Important! When this option is enabled checking code in some tools like Firebug can be difficult.

6. Custom CSS code: Here you can add custom CSS which will be loaded after override.css code

7. Google Chrome Frame support: You can enable Google Chrome Frame support - it is useful for IE users